Time Management Tips for IAS Exam Preparation


Cracking one of the toughest examinations of the country, to be specific, UPSC Civil Services Exam requires a proper combination of hard work and smart work. All of us know that there are no limits on hard work and a proper strategy helps you in doing smart work. By the way, if one aspires to make the dream of getting an IAS Salary and powers turn into reality, one must remember the following quote:

“Time is Money.”

Thus, without efficient utilization of time, one cannot think of cracking the IAS Exam. IAS Exam Pattern makes it evident that skillful time management is a prerequisite for getting success. Here, we give you few tips on how to manage your time for IAS Preparation.

Time Management Tips for UPSC IAS Exam Preparation

1.     Create Realistic Targets:

The first necessary step to be taken for IAS preparation is to make realistic targets. You need to decide that which part of the syllabus should be completed within what duration in terms of months, days and weeks and think about it practically because “A goal properly set is halfway reached.”

2.     Make a Study Plan for Each Day:
Before going to bed, you should have a clear idea regarding which topics you will cover the next day within what time frames. You can achieve your planned targets only when you follow your study plan strictly and do not procrastinate.

3.     Analyse your ‘Best Study Time’:

Some of us tend to be ‘night people’ while there are many who are ‘early birds’. It is very important to make maximum utilisation of that time interval in which your brain is most in its active state. You should design your study plan accordingly.

4.     Take Short Breaks:

While you prepare your timetable, it is necessary to include short breaks in it to make sure you don’t become less efficient in getting the concepts because of continuous study. Taking periodic breaks actually freshens your mind and helps you grasp the basics efficiently.

5.     Know when to Give Up:

If you come across a topic which is taking a lot of time to cover, don’t simply stick to it. If you get stuck at something for long, preparation for other topics suffer and you may feel bored stuck on a particular topic. Therefore, you actually need to analyse when you have to give up on a particular topic so that you complete your syllabus on time and do the revision as well.

If you follow these tips and organize your time properly, nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goal. For getting more information related to UPSC exam, IAS Eligibility, IAS Salary,etc., subscribe to Byju’s YouTube Channel which provides tips and tricks to crack competitive examinations.